SCP 120

Gravimetric Cold Press SCP 120

  • high productivity: up to 3 segments/min (single-layer)
  • easy setting of the press parameters
  • high and constant quality of the green compacts thanks to two precise weighing systems
  • flexibility
    • production of all standard segments possible
    • die-clamping system for the use of vertical or horizontal dies
    • granulated or non-granulated powder can be used, both with or without diamond

KPV 100

Volumetric Cold Press KPV 100

  • automatical process for the volumetric cold pressing of segments, optional for rings
  • high productivity: up to 14 segments/min (single-layer), combined with constant high quality of segments due to intelligent process control
  • automatic rejection of segments out of tolerance
  • depending on segment geometries and sizes multi cavity is possible


  • bead or ring adapter
  • steel strip feeder

BCP 100

Bead Cold Press BCP 100

  • depending on granules and tools, production output can amount up to 18 beads/min
  • a stable frame design and a very precise guidance of the central pin and punches minimise the wear of punch and die
  • a new type of filling shoe guarantees a high and consistent quality of the bead
  • low die costs because of a newly developed clamping system
  • reduced setup times due to the easy access to all machine parts


  • additional function for discharging beads which are out of tolerance
  • assembly unit of beads (perforated plate for carriers, beads, rings)

Cold pressing

Machines for the gravimetric or volumetric cold pressing of:

  • diamond segments with and without diamond-free backing
  • segment rings
  • green compacts for diamond wire saws